• HIF joined facebook

    HIF joined facebook in May 2014.

    HIF will use the page to increase the active interaction with interested parties. Additionally, events and announcements will be spread via facebook.


    Please visit us on www.facebook.com/HHIFU for more information.

  • ifera 2015

    Ifera 2015 HAMBURG

    The Hamburg Institute of Family Owned Business (HIF) hosts from June 30th 2015 to July 3rd 2015 the IFERA annual conference in Hamburg.

    Please visit the ifera 2015 webpage for more information.

  • International Academic Symposium

    4th International Academic Symposium

    From 2nd to 4th September 2014 the 4th International Academic Symposium covering the topic "Family Business Succession" took place in Hamburg.

    The HIF welcomed scholars as well as practitioners from numerous countries at the Warburg-Haus.


    12th issue of the HIF News released

    The HIF Newsletter named "HIF News - Knowledge for Family Businesses" is issued regularly by the Hamburg Institute of Family Owned Business (HIF). The Newsletter contains valuable information for family business owners and anyone interested in family business Research.

    »Download Newsletter 12 (PDF)




Lecture series at the University of Hamburg

The second lecture series with the title "Opportunity or Threat: Succession in Family Businesses" by the Historiker-Genossenschaft eG and the Hamburg Institute of Family owned Business (HIF) starts on October 30th 2014. The lecture explores  different aspects of succession, taking other perspectives into consideration. Light is shed on successful as well as on failed succession processes, highlighting the role of values and traditions. Researchers as well as practitioners will share their experience with the audience and illustrate succession from an economic as well as a historical viewpoint. For more Information please click here (unfortunately in German).

Time and Date: starting on October 30th 2014, Thursday, 18.00 – 20.00, Room M, Main Building Universität Hamburg, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1.

About the Institute

Hamburg Institute of Family Owned Business (HIF)

We are an interdisciplinary institute which scientifically explores the economic, business and legal aspects of Family Owned Businesses. The Imagefilm introduces the HIF as well as the Initiators and Founders.